Ristorante Cafe Aroma | About us
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In early 1987


At the curve of Hochkirchstraße 8, one of the few hilly streets of Berlin, there is a small square where in summer the wooden tables under the trees bring your thought to ‘La Bella Italia’. Since 1987, we bring the Italian culinary and cultural tradition in Berlin following the principles of Slow Food. According to the 4 seasons, we select only the fresh produce of the countryside and farms around Berlin, or from Italy.

Italian familiarity


In the summer the atmosphere is vacant and in winter there is the warmth of Italian familiarity. Tables and chairs of wood without tablecloths, as the tradition of the old Italian taverns. At the walls of our restaurant, you can always find pictures of international artists. Art and good cooking are always a good combination.

Historic menu


At our historic menu, we combine a seasonal menu according to to the effective rhythm of the earth. However, special surprises are on the little board of the day that gathers dishes made with the delicacies we daily find in our markets and our historical suppliers. The selection is very high so you better come early, the delicacy ends quickly!

Meeting place


We like to think that our restaurant is ideal for those who appreciate good Italian home cooking and for those looking for a meeting place where to spend an evening or a Sunday brunch with the special people of their life.



We love organizing events such as weddings, baptisms, birthday parties or corporate meetings. The recipes do not focus on a particular regional cuisine and we let our cooks have the freedom to take inspiration from the old cookbooks or from the recipes of their own home, blended with so much creativity. Bread and pastries are homemade.

Famous wine


The wine cellar offers 80 wine labels from all over Italy, selected by famous wine producers as well as small, well-known, small-scale producers. If you find a soft and tasty meat you have to thank our Brandenburg breeders who still breed pork chops. For more informal evenings we suggest you our selection of our slim and crisp pizzas. On Sunday the restaurant opens at 11 o’clock for the brunch, a sensational and varied buffet for all tastes open until 14 o’clock. After that, the restaurant is open as usual.